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5 “Take-Aways” From Leadercast 2015 – The Brave Ones

I attended the simulcast of @Leaderscast 2015 on Friday. For those of you that don’t know, Leadercast is an incredible event where leaders gather (either at the live event or via simulcast) to hear various speakers (@AndyStanley, @BillRMcDermott, @RorkeDenver, @MalalaFund, Peyton Manning, @ThisIsSethsBlog, @EdCatmull, @AjaLBrown and Rudy Giuliani) speak on the topic of leadership.

Leadercast was built on the principle that […]

HOW Do You Change Your Company Culture?

I recently had the privilege of spending the morning with a large company in Massachusetts. As we discussed their challenges and how we might be able to help them, the owner expressed that he needed to change some things in his agency (including some of his people). He said that he didn’t want his staff just coming in and going to […]

11 Barriers to Change

I’m reading Ken Blanchard’s book, “Leading at a Higher Level” and one particular section really hit me. In chapter 10, Blanchard talks about “Organizational Leadership” and why leading change is so important. No organization is perfect and a leader must strive to continually move the organization in the right direction. Sometimes that involves small changes and other times it involves […]